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iPhone XS Max$100.00$50.00
iPhone XS$70.00$35.00
iPhone XR$15.00$5.00
iPhone X$70.00$35.00
iPhone 8 Plus$15.00$7.50
iPhone 8$8.00$4.00
iPhone 7 Plus$12.00$6.00
iPhone 7$6.00$3.00
iPhone 6S Plus$5.00$2.00
iPhone 6S$4.50$2.00
iPhone 6 Plus$6.00$3.00
iPhone 6$2.00$1.00
Galaxy S Series
Galaxy S10 Plus$40.00$25.00
Galaxy S1040.00$25.00
Galaxy S10e$25.00$25.00
Galaxy S9 Plus$40.00$25.00
Galaxy S9$40.00$25.00
Galaxy S8 Plus$40.00$20.00
Galaxy S8$40.00$20.00
Galaxy S7 Edge$20.00$10
Galaxy S7$15.00$10
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus$5.00$2
Galaxy S6 Edge$5.00$2
Galaxy S6$10.00$5
Galaxy S5$10.00$5
Galaxy S4$5.00$0
Note Series
Note 9 (N960)$50.00$25.00
Note 8 (N950)$45.00$25.00
Note 5 (N920)$15.00$7.00
Note 4 (N910)$5.00$2
Note 3 (N9000/N9005)$0$0
A5 2017 (A520)$5$0
A8 2017 (A530)$5$0
J5 Pro (J530)$5$0
J7 Pro (J730)$5$0
iPad Pro 12.9' (2nd Gen)$35.00$20.00
iPad Pro 12.9' (1st Gen)$30.00$15.00
iPad Pro 10.5'$20.00$10.00
iPad Pro 9.7'$20.00$10.00
iPad Mini 4$15.00$7.50
iPad Air 2$25.00$15.00

How It Works?

  • We accept original or OEM displays that have fully functional LCD and touch components.
  • Depending on the grade of LCD will depend on the payout.
  • Displays with no LCD imperfections will be graded A and will have the highest payout, displays with LCD imperfections like (but not limited to), dead pixels, red haze, backlight issues etc we still purchase (B Grade), just at a lower rate.
  • Any displays that do not meet this requirement can be returned at your request (shipping fees apply).

What Steps To Take?

1. Accumulate your damaged displays for Buy Back – please try and save up more than 10 displays at a time before submitting a Buy back request.

2. Click on the Mobile Mart Buyback online form (here).

3. Complete the form with all the relevant information.

4. Package all the displays safely into a box (please note, that although the glass is broken, we need to protect the LCD in shipping!) Write the Buy Back ID on the box – the Buy Back ID will be given to you after completing the form and will be included in your confirmation email.

5. If you requested one, wait to receive a con-note from Mobile Mart via email, once received, print out and stick to the box with the displays for Buy Back. If you do not receive an email with a con-note after requesting one within 24 hours, please contact us on or call us on 1300 349 366.

6. Drop off at your nearest Australia Post outlet

Terms and Conditions

*Mobile Mart reserves the right at its discretion to reject any or all displays sent back for Buy Back for any particular reason deemed necessary by Mobile Mart.
* Any displays rejected can either be returned to the customer (with next order placed, or by itself, postage costs would apply), or disposed of by Mobile Mart free of charge.
* Payments are only made upon inspection and acceptance by Mobile Mart Buy Back staff.
* Mobile Mart reserves the right to decline the right to send a con-note depending on the number of displays being sent to Buy Back.
* Mobile Mart only buys original displays with 100% working LCD and touch components.


Please refer our pricing chart and send your Screens to us by filling the form.